About Us


Dr. Paramamitra Shastri Education and Charitable Trust(DRPSECT), Vadodara, (Gujarat, India, is

a registered (Regd. N. F/2823/Vadodara), Non-Profit Organization(NGO). It is rendering services to

needy persons and works for the welfare of society.

The Trust's main objective is to concentrate on various challenges of modern education by way of organizing various kinds of programmes such as; seminars, conferences, workshops,meetings, inter-active sessions across the country on various themes/subjects. In addition to bring together, the scholars and experts of various fields, from different parts of the world to share their thoughts and knowledge on Indian Sastras (scriptures) covering ancient science, medicine, and culture, and their applicability in various fields of modern studies. Our vision is to create an academic network of scholars who can contribute to the body of knowledge linking the ancient Indian sciences and wisdom with the modern world.  Therefore, we are concerned with to revisiting and rethinking the substantial material preserved in Indian scriptures in the context of modern studies and research.


 To undertake, encourage educational activities and to uplift mental state of the human being. It also includes to increase the availability of educational facilities  to needful students & will be helpful in providing educational guide. For this the Trust will coordinate the lower social strata with upper social strata with community, and in order to reach this goal, The Trust will establish cradle house, Nursery schools, primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, colleges, technical schools, libraries, hostels, and other institution. The Trust will Maintain and help them to run properly. Render knowledge related to mental, physical, industrial, commercial, computer, scientific, agricultural, technical, and medical. Further, the Trust will also organize various programs to propagate this institution. It  will also establish institutions to run this and also open centres to eradicate illiteracy and provide facilities for continuing old age education. Render guidance and counselling services for students and youth for their personality and career development.


 In order to maintain good health of the community, frequently camps will be organized for the welfare and maintenance of the health of the people. To encourage, extend help & support through providing various medical facilities for removing the physical illness. Trust may also arrange various programs related to medical facilities such as  blood donation camps, family planning and organizing surgical camps. Also establish and maintain centers for Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathic, and Unani departments and diagnostic centers, hospitals, research centers, laboratories, etc. also may establish the pharmacy, blood bank, and ambulance services, and such other facilities for health. Trust will also organize health related researches, workshop /symposium and other activities. 

For fatal diseases, like AIDS, cancer & Polio etc Trust will make efforts to provide guidance related to hazardous diseases. Also organize programs to remove toxic habits. Under the program of WHO organize programs related to child care, health care, nutritious food and also handicapped, blind, etc. It will organize activities related to all such health areas. Render help and assistance and protection to such program. Organize cleanliness programs in the urban and rural areas. Such programs are always to be organized.


Trust will work for women development in all spheres. Women will frequently organize camp and to help and assist each other and they will make efforts for the development of women and also become self- dependent and can live freely in society with honour. Yoga training and education should be rendered for them.


Drought, food, earth quake, etc. natural disasters and difficulties which society suffer should be given proper help. Mental deficiency, leprosy, handicap, fracture cases, blind people should be helped. Children of slum areas should be given proper medical and food.


In order to help need based and intelligent and meritorious students in their education facilities should be made to give scholarships, fee ships, orphan ages, hostels, libraries, reading rooms, and also maintain them by proper administration.


The Trust will perform all kind of activities related to national upliftment. It will make effort to create national integration. It will promote and will effort for enhancement of the values of ancient Indian culture & tradition. And it also will make effort to promote ancient culture of the nation and also contribute in adequate care to preserve and protect our ancient cultural heritage such as ancient Indian languages, classical & Modern dances, music and other performing arts. Trust will make effort to arise our good culture and non-secularism in our country and will work for national development. On the basis of our ancient Indian culture, all activities in this area should be undertaken.

 7. To undertake activities related to khadi and rural industries. And also household activities collect information related to this and also organize activities for economically weaker section or backward classes and try to help and support them and also to see that they actually receive facilities or not. For this purpose he Trust will organize various programs and trainings. It will also organize educational training & guidance for women for their  self-dependency and welfare. Trust will render educational guidance, self-earning training, tailoring classes and other kind of home industries for women. To Provide training for their self-dependency programs related to khadi and home industries, hut industries, etc. coming with this pheries should be undertaken for the rural area.

8. For the rural areas, program should be undertaken so as to provide services related to water supply, earth management, animal management, bio-gas, land coordination, jungle development. moisture protection, water collection, irrigation, forestry, veterinary, waste land, development, garden arrangement, tree plantation, and electricity protection programs should be organized through on the basis of the community. Partnership and manage accordingly all efforts should be made to provide clean drinking water to the villagers. It will also work to raise the water level of the ground. And to undertake Program to dig wells and to make water seeds to deepen ponds and dig new tank etc.

9. To Help farmers by rendering appropriate services on this subject. The association will supply information related to different farming methods in villages. They will also be given knowledge about the technology related to hybrid seeds, chemical and natural manures, insecticides, hybrid and simple seeds and make efforts for the easier availbilities. Help in their easy planning and execution. They will be also provided training and help for instruments for productivity, crop-protection and help to village farmers of the backward areas will be provided knowledge on irrigation method, canal method, plantation clearance, and insecticides. Through training and information they will organize for easy availability of implements and modern facilities related to agriculture.

 10.  There should be program of plantation. It should organize camps and give knowledge how much useful is forest, birds and animals. People should have awareness of importance of trees and plants.

 11. Human being should learn to protect village, cities and backward people to stop child labor, stop crime and harassment done to the women. Give training to youngsters to stop ill treatment in society and lead the society towards progress.