We are in need of financial resources to fulfil our objectives. The main source of income of our Trust is donation, gifts, membership fees, interest, Government or Non Government Grants, Charity Shows, & cultural Programs.

Although DRPSECT was initiated with the life membership of its Trustees and some personal savings of its founders, its sustainability relies on the fund raising by generous financial backing and in-kind support from well-wishers like you. Your contribution will help us to fullfill its desired goal.

Donate via

online payment through transfer or direct deposit  to:

DR PARAMAMITRA Shastri Edu & Cha Trust

A/c N.:00331450000335


Vadodara, India

If through Cheque / DD

Make and mail cheque PAYABLE AT Vadodara. Please mail the same at following address:-

402 Avani Residency-I B/H Yash Complex, Near Gari Compound, Gotri Road, Vadodara-390021