The Purpose of Education

  • It was over a century ago that Vivekananda travelled around the World to spread the message of peace, harmony and compassion.

  • He emphasized the need for Inner Education for building a peaceful and harmonized society.

  • DrPSECT is fulfilling Swami's dream by offering inner education programs for students and teachers.

Education - a Creative Force to Transform Society

  1. It liquidates illiteracy

  2. It removes Social barriers

  3. It strengthens Democratic forces

  4. It empowers youth for Social reconstruction

  5. It creates Transformational leaders

DrPSECT Educational Activities for Students

  1. It offers youth empowerment workshops

  2. It promotes events for cultural advancements such as dance, music, art, painting, poetry

  3. It gets students involved in healthcare camps

  4. It empowers youth for participation in cleanliness projects

  5. It offers students the opportunity to tutor underprivileged students

  6. It offers character building moral and ethics based training

DrPSECT Educational Activities for Teachers

  1. It organizes national and international conferences, seminars & workshops on various aspects of future education.

  2. It provides training for “Cradle to Grave” leaning.

  3. It offers special workshops to promote Self-Learning.

  4. It offers yoga for body & mind training.

  5. It offers spiritual upliftment training.

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